PyWeek Game Team Rating
34 Non-Infringing Demons-On-Mars Shooter DNF
32 Interstate Neverending 2.89
29 Showdown 2881 2.77
28 The Tower of Torment Untitled Team (2) (3) 2.67
27 DEEP-6 2.42
20 Dataloot DNF

schilcote's awards

天马行空 Presented by xmzhang1 for Showdown 2881

deja vu Presented by chrisyan2000 for Showdown 2881

Tar Bomba Presented by rdb for The Tower of Torment

The 3d Maze of Twisty Passages Award for a Maze of Twisty Passages Presented by ntoll for The Tower of Torment

Tar Bomba Presented by rdb for DEEP-6

Award Give While Waiting For pip to Install Presented by wezu for DEEP-6

award for the most required packages in a single game Presented by speedlimit35 for DEEP-6

To boldly scope Presented by zwerver for DEEP-6

The James T.Kirk Award for Space Related Gaming and Exploration Presented by ntoll for DEEP-6

@ Hero @ppe@rs Presented by grummi for INJECTION