And level 1.


An "escape the locked room" game, inspired by Untrusted. VERSION ON HERE IS OUTDATED, GRAB IT FROM


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Presented by grummi

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.7
Fun: 4
Production: 3
Innovation: 4.2

54% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


File Uploader Date
Another update - this one includes the autoupdate client; all futher updates will go through there. Whoopee! Added two more levels, more bugfixes, command history on the injection console... all kinds of good stuff.
schilcote 2014/11/11 20:52
Another post-contest version. This one has some bugfixes, mostly related to saves and a single minor edit to level 5.
schilcote 2014/11/02 19:37
Essentially the same as the last file, but with an EXE version included. Also fixed music not playing after loading a save.
schilcote 2014/10/26 21:44
The final submission version. 6 levels, 2 music tracks.
schilcote 2014/10/11 23:28
And level 1.
schilcote 2014/10/10 23:16
The first thing you see when you start the game.
schilcote 2014/10/10 23:15
This is a pre-release build I put together to test out some new tools I was experimenting with. Unzip the archive and run INJECTION.exe, and try to ignore all the errors caused by the files not packing together properly.
schilcote 2014/10/10 23:11

Diary Entries

Update #1

So with... one day left to go, the engine is feature-complete. So I'll spend Friday making levels, and I'll debug on OH WAIT EDIT: Oh, it goes 'till Sunday. Right. I knew that. Wonder if I could get some of the Computer Club guys to bug/usability test...

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Oh. So it ends... like, right now. Okay. Cool. That's fine.

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Last notes

First thing; there's hints in the readme, in the style of Infocom's old InvisiClues. Second thing; this thing is meant to work with Python 3.4, and requires Pygame and Pygcurse. Pygame you probably already have, and Pygcurse is on pip, so you should be fine.