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I have yet to install pygcurse.

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The concept is really cool (I didn't know Untrusted) ! Sadly, it is barely playable with a
special keyboard layout, so I haven't been further than level 2...

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I deducted points for production. Not because of the graphics or sound, but because the game
would only work with an american keyboard layout. I do not even use a qwert(y|z) layout. If I had
tried to play it on my pc (keyboard with blank keys) I could never have played it. It was hard
enough on a keyboard where at least most letters were correct, but not the special characters.
Even changing to american keyboard layout and back messed up my keyboard configuration :(

Something to consider for future games.

The game itself was fun though. And an interesting approach, something different from
typical action games.

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Loved it. I hope you do continue on with this.

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Not the game, uses pymunk. Will try to get to work later.

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Couldn’t get to work … python2.7.3, errors associated with running a script with non ascii
characters. editing to remove non-ascii characters in source files resulted in other
problems. The other errors, couldn’t debug, lost patience. Python3.4.2: error File
"dist_final/src/", line 50, in __init__
super(self).__init__('@',startingpos) TypeError: must be type, not Player Gave up. Using
osx 10.8 pygame 1.9.

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I keep having to kill -9 your game because I lose keyboard input in the interpreter, and nothing
else except input can exit the came (the REPL eats the keyboard interrupt inside the game
strangely). I really like this idea of using the python interpreter as part of the game, and the
puzzles that I was able to play before it crashed was were pretty cool. Good job. Probably just
needed more testing.

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Nice game idea and nice puzzles. I like the sparse approach.

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When I try to open the injection console, the game crashes. It's too bad, because this might be
an interesting game if it worked.

python3 Bumped wall at (11, 9) Traceback (most recent call last): File "",
line 174, in gamestate.update() File "", line 79, in update
self.current_level.update(self) File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line 117, in
update self.plyobj.update(gamestate) File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line 70,
in update self.injectionconsole.interact() File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line 77, in
interact line = self.raw_input(prompt) File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line 33, in
raw_input return self.pygwindow.input(prompt) File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line 245,
in input self.inputcursor = inputObj.startx, inputObj.starty File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line
1377, in _propsetinputcursor self._repaintcell(self._inputcursorx,
self._inputcursory) # blank out the old cursor position File
"/home/julian/Downloads/pyweek19/injection/dist_final/src/", line 470,
in _repaintcell self._surfaceobj.fill(cellbgcolor, cellrect) pygame.error: display
Surface quit

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Firstly, I got an error about character encoding in I added an encoding header to
solve it. Then i got this error : Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 12, in
import levels File "/users/steven.remot/Documents/privé et
confidentiel/Pyweek/injection/src/", line 193, in level0=Level("LEVEL 0:
SLEEPING IN THE DIR(T)",[],gameobjs.Player((10,10)),"lvl0.ogg") File
"/users/steven.remot/Documents/privé et
confidentiel/Pyweek/injection/src/", line 51, in __init__
super().__init__('@',startingpos) TypeError: super() takes at least 1 argument (0 given)
I'm not in the mood to investigate more.

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SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xe2' in file \src\ on line 118, but no
encoding declared; see for details