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Box Adventures

Box Adventures

Its a game which does infinite terrain generation, the player has no specific objective in the game you can try reaching the world border.

# Features:

+ block breaking

+ loadable chunks

+ terrain generation

+ 4 biomes

# Contributions

+ BeautifulReques: Terrain generation, optimisation, graphics, chunk class

+ aph: graphics, block class

+ redish2098: music, item class

+ Vthechamp: bug fixing and re-assesing the code

+ SReaperz: block breaking, player class, inventory, camera, entity class

+ jack_sparrow: start screen


+ While in unloading chunks it gives error leading the game to crashing, reason when we break a block it doesn't removes the block from the loaded chunk in the list, didn't had time to solve this. Also a physical fix is that increasing the `VISIBLE_RANGE_MAX` and `VISIBLE_RANGE_MIN` in

# How to Run

after installing the libs in `requirments.txt` do `python src/` and please use the latest python version


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2
Production: 3
Innovation: 2.5

Respondents: 4


File Uploader Date
in-game screen shot
BeautifulReques 2021/09/26 18:58
our final game file
BeautifulReques 2021/09/26 18:58

Diary Entries

Terrain Generation

Today our team sorted out the ideas and now we are making a open-world game, we have already started coding and I did coded some stuff for terrain generation which i think will be completed by tomorrow

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Today I generated graphics for the game, they are pixelated but look nice :)

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block class

block class done, needed some modifications to it, when i have the block break mask.

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Terrain Generation

Today I completed terrain generation fully, now i will do graphics next

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Day 1


  • Did the basic setup for the repo with pipenv, pre-commit,etc
  •  Added a base Entity class
  •  Added a Player class that inherits Entity
  •  Made few changes to the pre-commit-config.yaml

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Day 2


  • Created Game class (in-progress)
  • Created Camera class (in-progress)

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Jack sparrow-day 1

learnt a bit about arcade, not much.

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Day 3

  • made a script to generate temporary placeholder tiles
  • spent alot ot time debugging with BeautifulReques

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Terrain Generation

Fixed bugs in game display and terrain generation

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Day 4


  • Created a custom Camera class
  •  Added a Direction Enum for the  player

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