I participated last year in PYxel trio and i decided to try this challenge alone this time. I hope this challenge will help me to improve my programming skills and i will learn something new. I will try to keep you updated about my progress every day.


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Untriex 2021/09/26 08:51

Diary Entries

3 hours before start

The challenge will start in 3 hours (2 hours and 40 minutes) and i already know this will be challenging. My week is already packed with school, project and driving license, so i will have less time than last time. But nevertheless i am exited for this week and i will try my best, because now i am alone for this challenge.

Now i am going to sleep and see you tomorow. 

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Day 1 and 2

I decided to make infinite random generated "dungeon". I worked on random generation these days. It was pain getting it working in pygame and also to make hitboxes. But it seems to work now, so i have playable demo. Now i only need to add enemies, weapons, animations, textures and random spawning of weapons and enemies based on lvl. It seems like lot of work, so i hope i will be able to finish it by the deadline.

That is all for today and hopefully see you tomorrow.

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6th day

This is bad. I only made proof of concept, because i had no time. I will probably just release demo of functions in my game (random generation, no menu, no sfx, maybe even no combat). I am sorry for that. Maybe i will be able to make some adjustments today and tomorrow, but i do not think so. I am really tired today and i must go out with family tomorrow.

I will post updates tomorrow evening.

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Final Diary entry

So i uploaded my game...

It is more like Proof of Concept, because lot of planned thinks are missing (textures, menu, sfx, progress, leveling, health, combat,...)

I released it only to show, how i worked on random world generation, because it was big challenge for me.

I knew i had hard week ahead of me, but i did not think it would be this hard. I had time and energy to program only for three days.

See you next PyWeek.

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