Title Game

Fable Loop


The game is quite difficult, but it has a great ending, so it is worth playing.

The game lacks music, I didn't have time to find the right music.

Characters have cool assets, but floor walls and others don't.

Game Play

You can see a game paly of my game here: YouTube Video


It was only tested on two computers (Windows)

Python 3.7.3 and pygame 2.0.0

Python 3.9.1 and pygame 2.0.1

How to Play

At first, you can change the hero's name, just delete the name and write your own. To advance press Enter in the menu. You can also see the name of the villain and the name of the fallen heroes.

Move to the left: 'a' key or Left arrow

Move to the right: 'd' key or Right arrow

Jump: 'w' key or Up arrow

Attack: Space

Interact: 'e' key

You can interact with the king, princess, stairs (white rectangle) and levers (white square)

The king and princess will speak to you. Press 'e' for the next dialog box.

Levers can activate doors or stairs.

Stairs make it easy to go Up or Down.

If the hero dies, all the changes he made, such as opening the door, will not go away.

If the game gets too difficult, you can press 'v' and that will give you 100 in life.






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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2.4
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 2.7

Respondents: 7


File Uploader Date
Final Game (Slightly modified)
RicBin 2021/09/26 18:53
Title Game
RicBin 2021/09/26 06:17
Final Game (Windows Executable)
RicBin 2021/09/26 01:34
RicBin 2021/09/26 01:07
Would you dare to be the next hero?
RicBin 2021/09/26 00:39
Game Play
RicBin 2021/09/26 00:39
Final Game (Code and Assets)
RicBin 2021/09/26 00:27
Game Play
RicBin 2021/09/24 18:31
RicBin 2021/09/24 18:26

Diary Entries

So Far, So Good

For this jam I decided to make a platformer game, for the theme, I will put it in the story, so you will have to finish it to see the relationship with the theme, which can be risky.

It was not easy to make the game, I had a lot of problems with the sprites since they were not aligned in the usual way, but in the end, I managed to get it to work.

If you ask, the assets are not mine, since I did not have time to make them, so I searched and found cool looking assets. If you are interested in the links to the assets, they are in the description.

I still need a lot, I have about five more mechanics to add, but they are the simplest ... I hope.

You can see my progress in this video, is not finish yet, but I am very glad how it is looking.

Game Play

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