Menu screen

Wild Campers

We have created a hero defence game with some tower defence features. You play as a man who went camping. But the nature is unpredictable.

You have to gather resources to craft weapons and build barricades and towers.

You can expand your party by gaining xp and building more tents.

It's the never ending danger concept.

But you still can lose tho.

I used python 3.8.8


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.5

Respondents: 6


File Uploader Date
FINAL GAME - Downscaled scarabeus and changed one of soundtracks
Hiross 2021/09/26 18:51
Menu screen
Hiross 2021/09/26 13:02
Added Menu background and polished character graphics..
Hiross 2021/09/26 13:00
Wild gameplay
Hiross 2021/09/26 01:55
Hero defence with crafting and building
Hiross 2021/09/26 01:31
screenhot of game prototype
Hiross 2021/09/25 13:23
Prototype of a game, need polishing and some bug fixing
Hiross 2021/09/25 13:17

Diary Entries

Thinking about theme

I am still thinking about theme. 
For now, I have just created a game menu.

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figured it out

Game mechanics has been figured out

it will be both hero and tower defence game and also a never ending danger.

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Hero defence with Tower defence

we are working on game mechanics at the moment.

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Created resources which drops loot, tower, barricade, wolf enemy, building mechanics, etc.

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Added Craftable spear which can be throwed.

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finishing up

Added shield that knockback enemies

created menu Help section

changed character's graphic

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Finishing up

added sounds and music. tent repair icon which not yet work

polished a bit

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Finished, but Kinda unbalanced :/

I think I have aimed kinda bigger than I should.

The game is nice but its little bit obvious that some things are missing in it.
But never mind, it is nice concept and I can still finish it after challenge :)

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Just read the help first...

I have heard that the game is not so easy to play.

But there is an help section which explains you how to play ....

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Wanna full game ?

Let me guys know if this project is worth it.

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