Hi I like cats too and python game dev this is not a bribe lol
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Overall: 1.9
Fun: 1.7
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 1.7

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brad90four 2021/09/25 23:27

Diary Entries

PyWeek Start

Today pyweek started, the team seem ready to start work tommorow (monday). We have been brainstorming idea's that revolve around the theme of "neverending" and have got a few good ideas

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First day of work

We start brainstorming and developing today. The most prevalent idea seems to be a 2D shooter about debugging.

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Thoughts at the finish line

This was an amazing event for me. I simultaneously learned and applied the arcade game package, as well as game design and UI design. 

The timeline was extremely aggressive, and with a full time job it led to many late nights starting at the bare bones Quick API Index for the python arcade package. 

In many ways, the theme of the game having neverending bugs coming at the player, some bigger, smaller, faster, slower, and different colors felt a lot like the experience of building a game from scratch; for the first time. This was a memorable experience for me, and is a definite milestone for my programming journey. 

If you have read this far, thank you. And see you next time!


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we finished :P

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