A student trying to make games in different genre for every entry

Pyweek 35: The Shadow Monster (Turn-based)

Pyweek 32: Regret Once Again (Dialog Game)

Pyweek 31: Freeze (Platformer)

Pyweek 30: Alone in the Sea (Sandbox, Questing)

Pyweek 29: Nothing Suspicious Here (Escape Room)

Pyweek 28: Battle Tower (Bullet hell)

Pyweek 27: Six Days Till Dawn (Survival)

Pyweek 26: Just Flow (Story)

Pyweek 25: A Shuttle (Minigames)


PyWeek Game Team Rating
35 shadow monster 3.57
33 Tbd DNF
32 Regret, Once again Jeffs&Kiwi 3.44
31 Freeze jeffs 3.78
30 Alone in the sea 3.63
29 Nothing Suspicious Here 3.71
28 Battle Tower 2.87
27 Six Days till Dawn 3.45
26 Just Flow 3.64
25 Shuttle 3.14

chrisyan2000's awards

GENERAL award Presented by speedlimit35 for shadow monster

The Marty McFly award for promotion of awareness of time travel dangers Presented by mit-mit for Regret, Once again

The most powerful workbench in the gaming industry Presented by VV0JCIECH for Alone in the sea

The Rayman Award for recognition of Detached Limb Syndrome Presented by rdb for Alone in the sea

The Golden Goat Award Presented by GelamiSalami for Alone in the sea

Goaty-mc-goatface's good game trophy Presented by Minion3665 for Alone in the sea

love the music! Presented by thetrav for Alone in the sea

The Vacuum Award for the cleanest Hell Presented by ddorn for Nothing Suspicious Here

扑朔迷离 Presented by xmzhang1 for Nothing Suspicious Here

Tar Bomba Presented by rdb for Battle Tower

touhou award Presented by speedlimit35 for Battle Tower

enderman award Presented by speedlimit35 for Six Days till Dawn

Achievement Unlocked! Presented by wezu for Just Flow

FAUNA (Flowey Award for Unexpected iNterpretation of Acronyms) Presented by rdb for Just Flow

The Sigmund Freud Award for Most Psychological Game Presented by ntoll for Just Flow

thought this was a good game for my kids ... now they have nightmares Presented by mit-mit for Shuttle