Just Flow

This game used: pygame1.9, python2.7, and noisepy

For windows x64 users, run JustFlow.exe

For other windows users, run w9xpopen.exe

For Max and  Linux users, install python 2.7.10, pygame 1.9.4 and noise

Install noise here https://pypi.org/project/noise/#files or use "pip install noise"

The game length for each ending is approximately 5 minutes.

You are more than encouraged to stay in each scene and enjoy Eiro Nareth's guitar fingerstyle!

This a game which has no goal at the beginning... But there is!

You were put into a test of "flowing", with different choices you've made there are different endings.

It is worth noting that each test case is carefully chosen,

The details are crucial to understand the meaning of this game

Examples of important details:

  •       Difference between ending 2 and 3
  •       The achievements
  •       Design of the character and instructions
  •       Background music is relevant!
  •       The "Special Clock" object

      ... ...

The Bonus ending serves as an Easter Egg, it isn't related to the overall story line.

Here are the walkthroughs for all four endings:

  • Ending 1 walkthrough:

             Ending 1

  • Ending 2 walkthrough:

             Ending 2

  • Ending 3 walkthrough:

             Ending 3

  • Bonus Ending walkthrough:

             Bonus Ending

There are a total of 19 achievements in this game

It is impossible to get all 19 of them in a single run

You can check out those achievements in the textures folder!

Inside the libs folder you can see a bunch of python files responsible for those special effects...

Feel free to use those special effect python files!(Just don't forget to mention the origin <3)


Achievement Unlocked!
Presented by wezu

FAUNA (Flowey Award for Unexpected iNterpretation of Acronyms)
Presented by rdb

The Sigmund Freud Award for Most Psychological Game
Presented by ntoll

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.6
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 4.1

22% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
chrisyan2000 2018/10/27 20:19
chrisyan2000 2018/10/27 03:56
chrisyan2000 2018/10/27 03:37
chrisyan2000 2018/10/25 20:06
chrisyan2000 2018/10/25 05:04
chrisyan2000 2018/10/23 23:37
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chrisyan2000 2018/10/22 13:50

Diary Entries

Day 1 - Treez

And here goes a randomly generated tree......

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I think this game is going in some "psychological"-ish way......

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Man this took forever


Day 4 - going meta

I guess I just liked those kinds of games

metagames ftw

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Day 5 - Here goes nothing

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How do I end this....

Well I just realized that it's pretty hard to make a game with a complete storyline during a week...

Welp the storyline is gonna be pretty underdeveloped

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Almost done!

Here goes the 1160th line of code...

And the storyline is nearly finished...?

From now on I'm naming every main character of my games "Tushlet"

And each game is going to have relations with another

metagames ftw :P

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Day 7 - There we go

I actually managed to tell the whole story!

In a strange way of course :P

I've upload a sample game... Please let me know if you've run into any issue running it!

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you so much for your support and comments!

I'm so sorry for the ones that didn't work... I really should test on Mac and Linux for the next Pyweek.

From the comments I saw three major problem:

  • The game is not working because certain module or file is not found
  • The story that was told is not clear
  • There weren't much gameplay

The first issue has two possible causes. My texture loading module was glitchy and it reports a texture loading error, or noisepy was not install and it returns a module not installed error. I recently fixed the texture module and it should be working correctly, and I simply forgot to include noisepy when I was using py2exe D:.

For the second issue, here is the answer: this game emphasized my first year in university, which is basically me at the moment :D. And how did I emphasized that in the game? here goes:

  • The controllable character is headless, there were a couple of achievements related to "losing direction".
  • The first scene is basically, you were forced to type unwanted things to continue -> my TAs were like that, yep.
  • When you've waited too long in one scene, the narrator gets mad and the box becomes unstable -> deadlines basically.
  • In the shooting stars part you make choices, it starts off obvious but it soon got harder, and you have to decide on your intuitions
  • At this point of life I realized the actual value of time. In the third stage, with the choices you've made to either skip or wait determines your attitude with time. However, this became completely ionic because you are actually wasting time waiting in reality. And for the little "aren't you a smart boy" reaction after you've chosen to skip, the reason is that.... usually the people who think they are smart tend to waste a lot of their time.
  • Walking in the forest part is basically the entertainment and socializing. The true meaning behind the question "do you flow with it?", is asking whether or not you have the urge to socialize and do everything together with other people. I actually felt quite lonely during the first month of university, and if I could paint how that period of time felt like, a lone man in the forest, a current which doesn't carry you, he walks around in circles, and touching the flags that were 'unreachable'(relate to the 'unclickable' achievement). The final achievement in the forest scene is 'take a walk', it firstly relates to the 'Take a Walk' song by Passion Pit, and it also relates to how it managed to meet friends later on :D.
  • The result paper looked like the diploma paper, that's actually the intention behind it.
  • The background music is played by guitar -> I've just started learning guitar in September!
  • Furthermore, there were some meaning or some story of mine behind each achievement! But that's too much to write here.
  • DMG is a acronym me and my friends made up for Doris McCarthy Gallery... and I just decided to put it there :P

The third issue, no gameplay... Sorry, I was so into composing my stories in there that I basically had no time left for gameplay D; . I will add more gameplay in my next Pyweek entry.

Again, thank you so much for your feedbacks!

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