Thank you so much for your support and comments!

I'm so sorry for the ones that didn't work... I really should test on Mac and Linux for the next Pyweek.

From the comments I saw three major problem:

The first issue has two possible causes. My texture loading module was glitchy and it reports a texture loading error, or noisepy was not install and it returns a module not installed error. I recently fixed the texture module and it should be working correctly, and I simply forgot to include noisepy when I was using py2exe D:.

For the second issue, here is the answer: this game emphasized my first year in university, which is basically me at the moment :D. And how did I emphasized that in the game? here goes:

The third issue, no gameplay... Sorry, I was so into composing my stories in there that I basically had no time left for gameplay D; . I will add more gameplay in my next Pyweek entry.

Again, thank you so much for your feedbacks!