Alone in the sea

Alone in the sea - castaway surviving

You are trapped in the center of the ocean because of a ship wreck. Find ways to reach for help!

An Easter egg can be found on the top right island :D


The same set of instructions is also in game, you can check it by clicking the bottom right question mark.

Clicking on the question mark will pause the game, a very detailed instruction for the current objective can also be viewed by pressing [M]

  • [M] for map and additional hints for the objective
  • [C] for crafting, left click on a workbench for advanced crafting
  • [P] to open backpack, you can left click to move items
  • [A][W][S][D] to move your character
  • [B] to start building the raft, you can only build raft while you are on it
  • Left click on plants to harvest them
  • Left click the furnace with iron ore will get you iron
  • Left click while holding food will eat the food, while holding sapling or melon seed will plant it, while holding workbench, bucket, soil or furnace will place it.
  • Left click the objects on islands will collect it, for some objects you will need to hold a specific tool to collect them.
  • You lose the game when hunger or water reaches 0, the hunger and water bar are set to diminish at a very slow speed to give extra time for the player to get used to the controls.
Music copyrights can be found in the "copyright.txt" file

a sandbox survival game as a castaway ig


The most powerful workbench in the gaming industry
Presented by VV0JCIECH

The Rayman Award for recognition of Detached Limb Syndrome
Presented by rdb

The Golden Goat Award
Presented by GelamiSalami

Goaty-mc-goatface's good game trophy
Presented by Minion3665

love the music!
Presented by thetrav

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.5
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 3.5

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 17


File Uploader Date
chrisyan2000 2020/09/27 13:48
chrisyan2000 2020/09/26 15:16
chrisyan2000 2020/09/26 15:16
chrisyan2000 2020/09/25 22:39
chrisyan2000 2020/09/25 00:53
chrisyan2000 2020/09/23 23:00
chrisyan2000 2020/09/22 23:34
chrisyan2000 2020/09/21 22:49
day2 still
chrisyan2000 2020/09/21 17:23
chrisyan2000 2020/09/20 23:04
ohno you are a castaway now
chrisyan2000 2020/09/20 16:18

Diary Entries

Day1 - "ohno you are a castaway now"

worked on the little raft you got on

and little simple waves and fishes


Day 2 - "just like a minecraft skyblock"

Since i'll be busy on Monday,

I worked extra hard to finish the work that is supposed to be done at day 2-

a lil character walking in the scene

and build!

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Day 2 - "lil inventory"

Turned out I do have some time on day 2

So I made a little inventory thing, and the lil person can hold items now

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Day 2.5 - You can plant stuffs now

So you can plant stuffs, and place function blocks on your little raft now

but you will still starve to death because you can't harvest them yet ;-;

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Day 3 - "craft like a pro"

you can now craft stuffs

and also harvest the plants you've got!

tomorrow i'll try my best to add islands and hunger/thirst bar

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Day 4 - "Better know your surroundings before doing anything"

you can now explore islands

and control your little draft

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Day 5 - Almost done!

The game itself is finished,

in the last two days I will work on sound effects, music, main menu, help page and story telling!

at today the code hits 1500 lines :333

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Day 6 - Done!

The game itself is done,

Now is time for bug testing and little tweaks!

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Final - "thoughts before the end of pyweek 30"

In the beginning of this contest I was going for a game which mainly focused on a storyline but... (Turns out I'm not good at writing stories)

Then when I was playing on a minecraft skyblock server, I decided to make a sandbox survival game, where the main goal of the protagonist is to get rescued. And of course, you can build your raft just like any sandbox games.

Because the controls are pretty complicated, I made the hunger and thirst bar go down reaaaaaally slowly.

For the main menu animation, I was going for the feeling of a musical stage show, that also explains the music choice for main menu. And the in game music is called "Tomorrow" from a loyalty free site "bensound", I was going for the loneliness in that piece of music.

This is the 6th pyweek I've participated in and it had been an awesome week.

Thank you very much for playing the game!

(The reason why the limbs are detached is that... it's easier to draw xD)

Some stuffs that I didn't manage to finish:

  • Decorations, like putting flower pots around the raft
  • Building on islands
  • Animals and pets, (there was going to be a little goat that follows you after you've discovered the goat island on the top right, but I didn't have time to finish that)
  • Daylight cycles, and weather
  • Islands with bosses on them(I have always wanted to make a game with bosses like "Just shapes and beats", maybe I will go for that in the next pyweek)
  • Picking and chopping animations
  • Multiplayer(I was think about multiplayer at first, but based on my previous multiplayer pygame project.... I won't finish on time)

You can technically building an infinitely large raft, since planks are renewable.

And here is a pic of my raft!

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Post Thoughts

I would like to say thanks to the people who gave valuable suggestions and thoughtful comments.

First of all, about the missions being too straight forward and easy.... It's just like minecraft, if you just followed the minecraft missions then it's boring, the key of this game is to explore and build! (however I didn't have enough time to implement a lot of sandbox features so the building part is not that significant, I should try getting into a team for ideas like this). I've asked my friends, co-workers and family to try this game, and in order to let most people(non-technical) enjoy the game, this is the difficulty I've decided on. It turned out that I've mis-calculated the difficulty since pyweek entrants are technical.

When I was trying to play the game I realized that it could be tough for a new player to get used to the controls (;, given that I'm a veteran minecraft player I'm more comfortable with it, and still had a little trouble with opening the pack. So I simply made the initial letter of each word the control! "pack" -> [P], "build" -> [B], "craft" -> [C] ...  However it resulted in a rather uncomfortable gesture, but you don't need to check the help page as often. And another reason is that I didn't have enough time to make the changing the key configuration stuffs.

And among the ratings, there were a couple of rather uncomfortable ones... which stood out in either the score and wording, or both:

there were a couple of ratings in "Alone in the Sea" gave DQ or very low scores for the following reasons:

  • 1. music copyright
  • 2. image copyright
  • 3. stealing texture

so, to those people,

  • 1. I've INCLUDED a copyright.txt for the music in the final submissions, please read them, they are all license free music.
  • 2. The goat image from undertale is from undertale wiki, its textures are under creative commons and pyweek is no where close to a commercial use.
  • 3. I don't know where that comes from and I even have the editing history on paint.net. The textures are no where good enough for me to 'steal' it from anywhere, and I'm pretty sure that no one will even want to reuse those textures either.