Six Days till Dawn

Six Days till Dawn - A mini survival game

You are trapped here! Survive 6 days to be rescued.

This is a game where you collect material and food,

craft and upgrade your tools, and fight off the monsters.

Please look through the instructions at the beginning!

For windows users: download the SixDaysTillDawn(exe) and run main.exe

For Mac and Linux users: download the SixDaysTillDawn(src), make sure you have pygame1.9.4 installed.

                                             Then run main.py

Please read the README.txt after download

You can press [H] to re-watch the tutorial, and [C] to check the controls anytime in-game.

  • [A]/[D] to move around
  • Hold [S] to collect
  • Hold [W] to drink
  • Hold [E] to eat
  • [Q+num] to craft/upgrade the corresponding item
  • [X]/[Left Click] while your cursor is on the monsters to attack
  • [SPACE] to skip slides

You lose if your stamina falls to 0, and win if you have survived 6 days.

Walkthrough Video:


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.4
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 17


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Executable version
chrisyan2000 2019/03/30 20:50
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chrisyan2000 2019/03/30 20:49
chrisyan2000 2019/03/30 06:46
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Diary Entries

Day-1 Scrolling Background

Alright, so the goal of the game is to survive 6 days in the wilderness.

And today I finished 6 different biomes.. and they are scrolling backgrounds

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Day-2 Scrolling Around

Done a little character moving and scene switching.

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Day4 - A little survival game

Most of it's mechanics are finished.

Just gonna take tomorrow to finish the crafting, sun/moon rotations and weathers.

And the last day will be a whole day working on textures!

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Day 6-texures, textures, textures

Working on textures.....

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Day 7-final touches

Some final texture changes to the game...

Time to package!

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The End-Finale

Finished working on the audios and textures!

Going to use the last day to package and write an introduction for this game!

Btw: I actually matched the beat of the background music and the player's walking frames.

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