fire animation

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fire animation
DR0ID 2012/09/14 23:42
player extinguishing fire
DR0ID 2012/09/13 22:49
fire spread test
DR0ID 2012/09/13 18:58

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Finally making some progress on the game mechanics.

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moving player

This evening I got my player moving around and extinguishing the fire. Tomorrow I'll try to get the fire rendered. Will see how this goes.

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the fire animation

Finally got around to implement the fire animation.... took me a while and it could easily use the entire CPU if not carefully tuned. I fear I will not be able to finish this game. At the moment its playable, the console says if you win or loose (=burn), but its not quite a gameplay yet. Just make sure its not a one way trip into the fire. Use the mouse left button to extinguish the fire. Oh, the source can be found here:


feeling sick all day

Unfortunately I have been feeling sick all day and can't stay up to finish, ehm, well progress my entry a bit more. Since there isn't much gameplay I decided to not submit my entry. Also the fire animation does hog the CPU. My little advance today was to ease this by doing the heat source differently.

Congratulations to everyone that has finished.

Maybe I will redo this game for pyggy

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