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Gumm's Harvest Moon

Casual shooter.


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.7
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 18


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Final game
gummbum 2013/09/08 02:12
Gameplay capture
gummbum 2013/09/08 01:19

Diary Entries


I wasn't gonna compete this time around. But with less than 48 hours remaining, on Thursday evening around 7pm I had a happy idea, so here it is! It will probably help if you read the short README.txt, so you can at least understand the HUD and achievements. Other than that, a baby could learn it. If I had more time I would have added more whacky achievements, some nicer art for the award plaques, some game event sounds (though I actually find it quite relaxing without them), and maybe some random events to spice it up. But what can ya do, that's PYWEEK. Thanks for hosting, Richard and co. Cheers, and hope you enjoy playing Gumm's Harvest Moon. =)

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Gumm's Harvest Moon - fixed memory leak

Note: For judging please use the final uploaded to

The zip at the following location contains a bug fix for a memory leak that begins to affect performance after many achievements. The leak results in accumulation of multiple achievement sprites in the same slot, eventually overwhelming the game loop. The bug should not be a problem for normal judging experience. But if you wish to play a marathon session, then get this fix...

Version 1.1


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Gumm's Harvest Moon - response to feedback

Thanks for all the pleasant comments. I'm glad my effort could bring a little joy to you. Sorry to all those who didn't find it fun. I guess you can't please everyone, even with a cheeseball gun and a lassoo!

I wasn't going for an intense, or even particularly challenging experience with this. It was just a endless pointy-clicky, harvesting the moons to some relaxing tunes.

I played this just beyond 10K cheeseballs. I agree with the person who found it addictive, though I would call it "mildly" addictive. This was important to me, that I could pick it up to scratch the itch to play without it being an armchair gripper that consumes every ounce of brainpower.

I also agree with the others who said it needed more, and the awards are lackluster. Alas, having started less than 48 hours before closing time I had no time to polish the game or even find sounds to fit the mood.

To the lone soul who called it a lassoo: you win! =) Incidentally, this was the only way to win. You are a head above your peers. You all didn't know this was a puzzle game in disguise. ;)

The music was a windfall. I web searched and it fell right out into my game. What a great find. If you lasted long enough to hear all the really cool music once I am pleased. There are many, many more great compositions at of a quality suitable for plain old listening. I am not affiliated with the author, the site, etc.

If you took the time to view the credits I am especially pleased. May the good Lord bless and keep you.

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