I wasn't gonna compete this time around. But with less than 48 hours remaining, on Thursday evening around 7pm I had a happy idea, so here it is! It will probably help if you read the short README.txt, so you can at least understand the HUD and achievements. Other than that, a baby could learn it. If I had more time I would have added more whacky achievements, some nicer art for the award plaques, some game event sounds (though I actually find it quite relaxing without them), and maybe some random events to spice it up. But what can ya do, that's PYWEEK. Thanks for hosting, Richard and co. Cheers, and hope you enjoy playing Gumm's Harvest Moon. =)

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Oops. Apparently I forgot to mention version requirements in the README.txt.

Python 2.6 or 2.7
Pygame 1.9 (1.8 might work--I tried to avoid features that emerged in 1.9)