Gumm's Harvest Moon - response to feedback

Thanks for all the pleasant comments. I'm glad my effort could bring a little joy to you. Sorry to all those who didn't find it fun. I guess you can't please everyone, even with a cheeseball gun and a lassoo!

I wasn't going for an intense, or even particularly challenging experience with this. It was just a endless pointy-clicky, harvesting the moons to some relaxing tunes.

I played this just beyond 10K cheeseballs. I agree with the person who found it addictive, though I would call it "mildly" addictive. This was important to me, that I could pick it up to scratch the itch to play without it being an armchair gripper that consumes every ounce of brainpower.

I also agree with the others who said it needed more, and the awards are lackluster. Alas, having started less than 48 hours before closing time I had no time to polish the game or even find sounds to fit the mood.

To the lone soul who called it a lassoo: you win! =) Incidentally, this was the only way to win. You are a head above your peers. You all didn't know this was a puzzle game in disguise. ;)

The music was a windfall. I web searched and it fell right out into my game. What a great find. If you lasted long enough to hear all the really cool music once I am pleased. There are many, many more great compositions at of a quality suitable for plain old listening. I am not affiliated with the author, the site, etc.

If you took the time to view the credits I am especially pleased. May the good Lord bless and keep you.