Don't worry, be happy!

this game is a multi window game :)

Maybe my game only work on Windows, because I creat a lot windows, other OS like Linux wouldn't like it :)

how to play

You can simply run to run my game

I should first tell you that you can press the ESC key to exit :)

press the Enter key to start the game, there should be blocks raising up, each block would have its own letter on it, say 'f','g','h','j' or 'k', when the block reach the line above, press the corresponding key.

It is more like a demo, but it is music game :) remember turn on volume control :)


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 3

53% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 7


File Uploader Date
xmzhang1 2018/10/26 15:21
xmzhang1 2018/10/26 14:52

Diary Entries

2018-10-23 Sunny

OK, I have several minutes, and I think I can write something. 'Flow' is my second choice, so it is not hard for me. Before I started, I have a lot of ideas, something like 'traffic', someone already done great job with it. I also want to make a game about dollar passing the screen, then player counting the sum of the banknotes. Or just a sequence of numbers fly just like 2,3,5,7,() and player find the pattern then fill 11, etc. But but but finally.... 

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2018-10-24 Midnight

My parents are sleeping, my wife is sleeping, my sons are sleeping. For me, I think I should go to sleep now,immediately, because tomorrow I still should go to work for living :) not for fun.

But I think I can have a good night, at least I have made my game work.My game is something like o2jam, player press the key to catch the note, maybe just like practice typing, who knows. I am not good at this genre, I still remember my sister can easily beat me using only one hand :) And I am really not good at music, no sense of rhythm, so, be polite and be kind when playing my game :)

Ok, maybe I should add high score board or made some json file to store more music. who knows, I think the first thing for me is sleep ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Goodbye to pyweek and goodnight to myself :)

Well, several hours ago, I tend to use tomorrow to carefully polish my game , but due to some reason. I have to finish my pyweek work tonight. This is my 6th pyweek, how time flies! I know I am quite quite young in pyweek, Tee would laugh :)

I read other people's diary, some game seemed quite awesome, I couldn't wait to check your code, especially Ivan :)

OK, just say something about my game, my game is awesome too :) It is a multi window game, it is .....(well, I think I should let the game speak to itself)

OK, good night to myself, good luck to you guys! :)