the player and the enemy


I am searching to have fun, learn new skills and at least finish my game.


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My final submission. The game can be ran as a executable for windows and with pygame install on any other platform with the source code version. Also the game as a fixed screen size so it would be easier to make levels for any screen size
catornot 2021/04/04 13:57
the player and the enemy
catornot 2021/04/04 00:49

Diary Entries

after the submission

I just submitted my game and I am sad that I could complete everything in time because went outside and when arriving at home I saw that there were only 10 minutes so I made an executable and submitted the game. I will try add more stuff and levels for my release of the game.

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9 hours left

I won't have time to finish all of the features so I will try to make a finished game and make an update of the game on

To do
- coins
-more levels
-size wall
-jump pad
-level editor
-custom levels

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day 2

yesterday, after school I made half of the game and was confused about what to do with "Cops" so I made a game about infiltrating a facility as a circle.

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