04.03.2021 - 00:05:
PyWeek #31 will be my last PyWeek for a indefinite period.
I know nobody will really read this, but I just wanted to get it off my chest in written form.

It's all been great, and I learned a lot (or not?) over the last 10/11 years of participation.  I first entered PyWeek under the Username "Yangea".  The theme back then was "Feather".  Wow, that was August 2009.
But it's important to know when it's time to go.  Maybe I come back again, who knows.  But for now, that's it :).
Thanks all, and take care!

My name is Jannik or just Master47.
I am a computer programmer from Germany, a swabian to be precise :D. I like Maultaschen and Spätzle obviously.
And I LOVE green tea <3.
I am a teetotaler.

I am now 31 years old and I do software development professionally aswell(Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer, AX2012, AX2009, AX4.0).
I seem to have less and less time each year for PyWeek sadly :(.

I think this just comes naturally with getting older and having more responsibilities etc. ...

But not to worry, I will keep my spirits up!! =)

Sziasztok! Jannik a nevem, vagy csak Master47.
Számítógépes programozó németországban vagyok, sváb vagyok :D. Imádom a Maultaschent és a galsukát, mert sváb vagyok.
És is szeretem a zöld teát <3.
Nincs alkoholt iszom.

Most harmincsegy éves vagyok.
Minden év kevesebb és kevesebb időm nekem van :(.

De nem baj, mert probálok boldog vagyok.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
31 Sergant Brown - LaserTag Training 3.30
30 Island Rescue 2.89
28 m47pyweek28 2.11
27 Master47_pw27 DNF
26 The River 2.63
25 Master47 - PyWeek 25 2.16
24 They're behind everything - spiders! DNF
23 master47_pyw23 DNF
22 Lawnmower Robots Helping At A Garden Exhibition 2.98
21 Moon Bamboo Gardener 3.13
20 master47pyw20 2.74
19 One Room And A Goblin Invasion 3.10
18 Deep Space 2.29
17 Moon Expedition With A Lunar Rover 3.27
16 Master47 2 2.39
15 First game! NoroMaster47 entry 2.56
14 Master47 2.60

Master47's awards

The 2019 Award of "Read the instructions first" Presented by tizilogic for

One Day Man Presented by wezu for The River

minecraft graphics Presented by speedlimit35 for The River

Cause You Know...Gotta Lawn Fast Presented by gummbum for Lawnmower Robots Helping At A Garden Exhibition

RSI MVP Presented by iminurnamez for

let the FULLSCREEN flow through you Presented by grummi for One Room And A Goblin Invasion

Controls Designed By Goblins Presented by cyhawk for One Room And A Goblin Invasion

tarbomb Presented by mvuets for Deep Space