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A beginner hobby programmer taking part in Pyweek.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.9

9% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


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Final ( might have to rewrite the instructions later. )
Master47 2012/05/13 01:03
The game
Master47 2012/05/12 22:11
Just a preview of the game as of yet.
Master47 2012/05/12 12:32

Diary Entries

Pytweek - Day 1

I just came home at 23:30 from my grandparents yesterday. I was really excited about Pyweek and could not wait and stay up for the relevation of the theme of this Pyweek. At 1 o' clock during the night I checked this site and "uhhh"... disappointment.

Then I knew why I had to wait another hour: "In Germany, we have the MESZ!" That means UTC + 2 hours.

So I had to stay awake another hour. So I read a book and listened to some music while waiting. 3 minutes before 02:00 I refreshed the this page quite often ( sorry! ). I just couldn't wait for the theme relevation.

It is 02:00...'ctrl + r' is "Mad Science".

And with the theme chosen, I could happily go to sleep to think about game ideas.

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A rough game idea for "Mad Science"


The mad scientist has to carry different test tubes to a huge bowl to mix all things together

into a nice mess.

There are many different types ot test tubes and also they contain different liquids and


Some of them contain substances that make the glass REALLY HOT, other make it REALLY COLD.

The colours of these substances are as follows:


Now, a mad scientist, especially this one, has so many ideas in his head, that come and go, this

is obivous.
He is mad about trying out different amounts of substances and mixing them all together to see

the output of his so beautiful work.

And that is the exact problem. An idea of a _receipe_ comes and goes, because the scientist has

so many thoughts.


The scientist has an idea of a receipe to try:

RED 200ml
BLUE 100ml
GREEN 500ml

This is a recipe. The user now has to mix these things together. His tasks is to get the correct

amounts of each liquid or substance and pour it into the big mixing bowl.

If successful, he gets points, other, he doesn't get any.

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Pyweek almost finished - Current status


So, PyWeek is almost finished.  Now, how far have I come?

Well, I was busy working, and spending time outside, doing other stuff, such as juggling or riding the bike.
I have still managed to get the basic game done, although without a highscore table and other features ( what other features would those be? ... ).

Maybe there is still time to include these features.

What I really want to do now, is make a nice soundtrack for the game.  Probably some beautiful jungle that fits the setting of the game.

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Last hours...

2 hours and 38 minutes to go.

Okay, I've managed to add a menu.  Even the highscore is being displayed at the end of a game round.

Also I've managed to produce a short jungle track.  It is a little to short ( roughly 22 seconds ), which means that I might use the time still left to work on it some more.

By the way: Due to rushing on the last 1 - 2 days, my programming looks very horrible and isn't very well organized at all.

Many things related to programming could have been implemented easier, I guess.

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