In-Game screenshot (Day 6)


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Fun: 3.1
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.4

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Inside The Data Tunnel - Final (Linux)!
Master47 2015/08/16 00:10
Inside The Data Tunnel - Final!
Master47 2015/08/16 00:08
In-Game screenshot (Day 6)
Master47 2015/08/15 00:50
In-game screenshot
Master47 2015/08/13 16:28
Micro Spaceship - Controlled by Player 1
Master47 2015/08/10 09:52

Diary Entries

Day 1: Planning the game I'd like to make and writing everything down

I wrote down the game idea I had in my head. The game will be called "Inside The Data Tunnel". The objective will be to ward of as many malware (viruses, trojan horses, ...) as possible in 25 levels without dying. Only neutral / good data may come through. The less bad data comes through the better the score. The player is supported by allies. Both the allies and the player either control a Micro-Spaceship or a Micro-Robot. The entire game can also be played in a two-player mode, where there will be more enemies but also more allies. The data will come in from the left and go to the right. The playable area will be 1024 x 650 px. There will be 4 soundtracks and a dozen or more sounds. The malware gets stronger each level. The player(s) and his/their allies can only get stronger if they shoot and kill malware. Occasionally, power-ups / gems can be collected (they will be dropped by the neutral / good data), which can give a boost for a specific thing, such as speed, auto-fire, double EP, ... Well, so far, so good! I will now continue to design (draw) the Micro-Robot, Micro-Spaceship and the malware aswell as the neutral data. I am going to use Inkscape for this task. I will probably also do the other drawing-related tasks. After that, I am going to write the basic code to get the game going. Although I am on vacation this week, I will be quite busy tomorrow and the day after that, but I hope it won't be affecting me too much. I intend to make music and the sounds on Wednesday/Thursday. OK, that is it from me so far! Thank you for taking your time to read this. See you!

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Day 2: Done with almost all of the graphics; began writing the base class for moving sprites.

Done with almost all of the graphics; finished writing the base class for moving sprites. Yeah, it's going slowly, but I feel like the class I wrote will be quite useful. It is a base class from which other classes are going to derive. Tomorrow, I will try to get the basic game principle working.

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Day 3: Making progress; background-data (neutral-data) is moving in the background!

Ok, still a rather long way to go. I would like to finish the basic game-design by Wednesday night. Need to write the algorithm for the computer controlled allies and computer controlled enemies (malware, in this case). This will happen on Wednesday (which is today, hehe, because I didn't manage to write this entry yesterday). I might upload a screenshot that shows the current in-game screen later on.

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Day 4: Had to cut back a little. Going with a simpler concept now.

Basically, the game will be a shot-em-up like Space Invaders. The basic game (a test level) works, but there are still a lot of things missing. I will use the entire 5th day for coding more stuff and fixing this and that. On day 6, I am going to work on the sounds and music.

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Day 5 or 6?: Game works, all 25 levels have been done. Only few things missing.

Okay, all 25 levels of the game have been done. What's left is music, sounds, extending the main menu (help, controls, story, ...), highscore tables and maybe awards. The game is basically like Space Invaders. I am not sure about the awards. They would be a nice addition, but it will take up too much time I guess. Well, let's see, maybe it will still be possible! Highscores, sounds, music and extending the main menu will definetely happen.

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Inside The Data Tunnel - All done! Game finished.

Ok, not really. What really annoys me a bit is that I didn't get to include sounds for shooting projectiles, receiving hits, ... Next time I will try to make more time for music and sound.

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