PyWeek - master47pyw20 - feedback

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3 3 3

Your game made me realize that my (laptop) keyboard does not have a right Ctrl key. :P Nothing a
pygame.K_RCTRL = pygame.K_LCTRL couldn't fix.

It started off slow, but then it became pretty fun. After a while, I got tired of pounding on my
Ctrl key, so maybe the game would be nicer if a slow autofire were always on. I like the addition
of powerups and level up, but the game never tells me what they are for (except autofire, which
is obvious), so they weren't very rewarding. I wish the game was a bit more challenging, too.
Anyway, these are minor things, overall I liked the game. Nice work.

3 3 1

It's a shoot-em-up. It froze on level 4.

3 3 2

Nothing particularly interesting or new, it really is a space invaders clone, but as such,
it's executed ok.

3 4 4

controls responded strange after level change, as if some commands got stuck

3 2 3

Needed more sounds, and more frequent powerups! Also,a way to change the controls! The first
computer I tested on didn't even HAVE a right control button (laptop keyboard).

2 2 3

Inside the Carpal Tunnel ;)

3 3 2

The game is quite fun, minor control issue on my Linux system that appeared to be occasional
unreleased key press during level change.

3 3 3

Fun arcade style shoot em up .. fun having allies along to help too. I like how you had all the
frills too (highscores, help, two players etc.) well done. Nice music comp too. Only
complaint is that I’m using a macbook (with no right control button) :P … quick fix in code to
change shoot to z key, no problems.

5 3 3

Game exited cleanly... one of the few that I didn't have to kill (yay). I liked the menu,
multiplayer worked great (though player 2 got screwed with Lalt instead of Lctrl). The
controls have a bug on vertical movement, getting stuck or moving wrong direction, or moving
when not pressing button.

4 3 2

Space. Data baddies. Flying bullets. Powerups. Allies. Esploding. What's not to like! :)

I enjoyed this game!

I like space shooters. :)

The level difficulty ramped up comfortably.

I would have enjoyed some kind of visual effect so I knew what powerup I was picking up. The rapid
autofire was obvious. The rest of them were a mystery. Maybe I will play some more and try to
learn what they do.

I agree with you, some sound effects would have been nice.

I hope you do more with this.

2 2 2

Nice implementation. I was a bit confused by all the other "players" as I was only in single
player mode.

3 2 2

Rather average game. The idea isn't very original, but it's playable and works alright. If you
had time to add sounds, it would definitely have made the game better.

4 3 3

Hey, this game's graphics are about as good as mine! (Actually, they are probably still
better.) Playing is quite fun but not excessively intuitive, (my first time playing I tried to
shoot with space, shift, and enter,) but is fun once you know how to play. Good job!

2 2 1

Shoot em up!