They're behind everything - spiders!

Get rid of spiders using a vacuum cleaner!


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Day 1 - Game idea

The game will be called "They're behind everything - spiders!"

As we all know, spiders are behind every piece of furniture once you move it.  Thus, I am making a game about spiders.  The objective is to get rid of spiders using a vacuum cleaner.  The faster you get rid of spiders, the higher your score is going to be (reaction time).

There will be three different sized spiders, and thus one needs to use the appropriate vacuum cleaner to get rid of them.  The vacuum cleaner to be used can easily be switched using the right-mouse button.

So yeah, basically this is it.  I will first start with making music and sounds this time.  Later, I will do the graphics, and then the programming.  Let's see whether this works out.

I am very busy this week because of moving, so I might not have that much time actually, but I still hope to finish this time.

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