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Game 1
Master47 2017/02/21 22:15

Diary Entries

Light at the end of the tunnel?

I don't have much time these days, work takes up a lot of time.
I still managed to continue working on my game.  Basically, it will be two games in one game!

Both mini games are "evil" enough heh.  One of the mini-games will be a robbery of some jewels, while the other will be the kidnapping of a penguin. The objective of the first game is to get through four rooms with laser detection without being detected as fast as possible.
The objective of the second game is to shoot with a slingshot at people (yes, it sounds very harsh, I am sorry) so they go away and don't shoot at you, which would mean a loss.  It will include four locations.  The objective here is reaction!

Both games (choices) are considered evil, but which is less evil?  You have the choice and can play the game which you consider to be less evil!

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