PyWeek #23 challenge: “The Lesser of Two Evils”

The next challenge is PyWeek #23.

Registration is now open.

PyWeek 23 has started and the theme is "The Lesser of Two Evils"!

Good luck, and don't forget the advice in the help page or the folk hanging around in IRC at channel #pyweek! Also, see the #pyweek Twitters.

The dates of this challenge are are 00:00 UTC Feb. 19, 2017 to 00:00 UTC Feb. 26, 2017.

Friday 2017/01/20Pre-registration open
Sunday 2017/02/12Theme voting commences
Sunday 2017/02/19Challenge underway
Sunday 2017/02/26Challenge end, judging begins
Sunday 2017/03/12Judging closes, winners announced