PyWeek #23 challenge: “The Lesser of Two Evils”

I_am_in - Intro

Posted by mareknowaczyk on 2017/02/20 12:06

I have the basic concept of the game, so far. I was thinking about epidemia like game.

For now, there are only some basic ideas:

  • the virus spreading all the world, 
  • there is no possibility to save all of the population,
  • it is time of hard decisions to take, (this is where "The Lesser of Two Evils" theme is met)
  • there is certain amount of time for population to survive - more survivors scores better, but if no one survive game is over
  • there will be 3 (maybe more) episodes (waves) with short plot each,

Game mechanic concepts:

  • 2d map game,
  • map is divided in world regions (fields),
  • each region has own population, 
  • virus spread on adjancent fields, on every game step, and make new regions infected,
  • people are in panic mode, and travelled as far away from the infected regions as they can, on every game step,
  • player can place certain amount of quarantine zones on regions, which attract people to travel to,
  • player can also drop nuke bombs on certain regions, which kill all viruses on that region, unfortunatelly people too,

I am trying to manage some time among the real life challenges ;). 

So, I hope game will be on time :)

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Under The Radar - Setted up some infrastructure

Posted by T-002 on 2017/02/20 08:10

For now, I started to work on some infrastrucuture.

Tests are up and running, Game server si able to handle requests, code quality does not look to bad ;)

Now I will start to sharpen the focus on the game and to get some first experience with the frameworks.

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Under The Radar - To less time to spare :(

Posted by T-002 on 2017/02/20 05:59

After some private scheduling issues, I am not sure if I will be able to finish anything this week, even with this great theme. That is why I started with tech stuff to get something up and running.

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leStack - Day 1 - Got To Get Moving....

Posted by leStack on 2017/02/20 02:45

I can't believe there's only 5 days left in the challenge, yikes!

It's almost the end of the day here and I'm definitely behind schedule:-)  Alright, in the next hour, I'll need to make sure I get the proper libraries installed on my laptop and reread the help page (

As for the theme, "The Lesser of Two Evils,"  I'm thinking about possibility using 2 "evil" characters in well known console games challenging one another.  Haven't yet got the game blueprint drafted, but I'll need to get a draft completed my tasks above.

Good luck to all teams and individuals involved in this contest!


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Wing Craft - Day 1

Posted by xmzhang1 on 2017/02/20 01:07

To be honest,  my first choice is 'Obsoloetely Fabulous', I made an old fashioned game framework last week (or it should be last month), and bad luck, the theme is "The Lesser of Two Evils", I saw that Futurama episode, so I just made my game a two-player game. I creat enemy attack method, enemy will attack the nearest player if it is an two-player game. In fact, I do not know the exact meaning at that time. I am not good at English. Anyhow, I get the meaning finally, and I made the player have two choice in the game. So if only one player plays, both of his choice may be aweful, but as the theme ordered, "The Lesser of Two Evils". I think he should choose the first one to play.

For the game itself, I meet a problem, I do not use the tmx map this time, how to creat the enemies in the map is a problem to me. I try to let the enemy appear by game frame, I make a enemyspawn dict, the key is frame, the value is enemy, I use dict.get() to creat the enemy. Well, bad luck, all the enemy instances will be created when the dict is created, so it would drop the game framerate. So I have to use another method, Hope I have a good day today.


A Death at Sea - Day 1

Posted by mauve on 2017/02/19 23:37

Today wasn't the most productive Pyweek Sunday I've had. "The Lesser of Two Evils" wasn't a theme I had put a lot of thought into, and I spent a while deciding whether to proceed with my first idea or think up something new. I ended up recommitting to the original idea - a murder mystery set on an ocean liner.

I don't have a plot yet, but I do have a dramatis personae and you can wander the ship:

Oh, yes, and you're all anthropomorphic cats.

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Glory_hole - First day for Glory_hole

Posted by Buffalo974 on 2017/02/19 22:58

"The Lesser of Two Evils" : i have to choose beetwen pest or cholera. Any perfect choice, only painfull way. I have to decide what to cut.

i keep my game secret for the moment.

Today, i have found which framework to use, what kind of gameplay. Some piece of graphics are scraped, edited, my user interface is setting up gradually.

The title is a joke, but it's about glory which can push the player inside abyssal hole.

i wonder about a serious compatibility troubles, about time (7 days alone to do everything, avoid to produce shit game, with real life beside to manage).

another challenge : i would like to make it pedagogic with python.

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CandL Development Pyweek 23 - Lunchtime brainstorming

Posted by bcpcp on 2017/02/19 19:57

Over a lunch of fajitas and queso we're ready to go. Was it us or the queso, we'll never know.

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The Phantom Racer - The choices

Posted by YannThor on 2017/02/19 14:37

I discovered the theme this morning. Here I paste what I juste wrote in the entry's presentation:

Written before challenge start: In my last submissions, I tried to innovate with the type of game, but in the end there were not so fun to play. This time I'll for sure (almost) adopt a more traditional gameplay, focusing on the fun-to-play aspect of the game. Another certainty: I will use the same library as the other times : Note: I've put a random name for the entry...

After challenge start: The full title is : The Phantom Racer : rised from the death. This is a racing game with some procedural content and parts, with which you can improve your vessel in order to win the intergalactic championship. You start from a national, noob cup, he you trie to reach the top level. The scenario and the gameplay will (are planned) to be inspired by the theme : "The Lesser of Two Evils".


From a technical point of view, I plan to use a fake 3D engine written in pure python and using cpu for rendering into pygame.

Here is the git:

I have a lot to do, so I go...

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Hello World - Husband and Wife team announcement

Posted by Razzle Storm on 2017/02/19 03:17

My wife is a designer and I've recruited her into the game-making process. I'll be using artwork she makes, so we're officially a two-person team. I don't know if it affects that much, since both individuals and teams are judged together, but if we need to she can make an account here as well. This theme was actually my top pick, and I have a rough idea that I want to do to make things interesting. Hopefully we will have enough time to flesh out the idea fully!