DNW - feedback?

Congratulations to all that entered a game.

I really would appreciate more feedback about what prevented that the game could be played:

  1. cant not extract format file from my windows
  2. Gave up. I couldn't boot the game.
  3. F10 key used for starting game, does not work.

1. is probably an issue with extracting gz files on windows. Solution: use 7-zip to extract
2. no idea what the problem might be there. Just give us the log file or at least the traceback of the command line if any.
3. F10 key... I wonder why this does not work on this machine.

For 2. and 3. I would also like to know the os, python and pygame version that were used.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi, DR0ID, glad to see you here, your code teach me how to use logging module. For the 3rd, I think some keyboards has multi function on F10, I also met it, I have to hold down the fn key, then press the f10 key, it works!
It wasn't me who commented on the F10 key, but I also experienced this issue. I'm running from a Macbook that requires a function key to be pressed and held while pressing "volume up" to get an F10 keystroke. For some reason this doesn't register in pygame events. I got around it by editing your code: just changed the instance of "K_F10" to "K_p" in my case.

I guess the function keys F1 to F12 aren't great key choices for mac users/players :)?

Yeah, I will take a note that the F* keys are not suited for in game interaction. I guess it made it into the game this way because F10 was originally the cheat key to get to the next level and I think due to lack of time we just left it that way (which was obviously a fault). <br>
About logging: for simple things one can do this in a module: <br>
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)<br>
But this can bite you in various way (wrong logger at run time etc). This is why I would suggest to use dependency injection in the constructor:<br>
class Foo(object):
  def __init__(self, logger=None):
    if logger is None:
      logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
   self.logger = logger
I probably will probably correct that through my libraries in future.