Day 21

Time to say goodbye, see you all in pyweek24 :)

I want to thank all your suggestions and feedbacks, especially who report the bug in boss 3. I really do not realized it until you said that. And also I really like all the entries, for some entry, I just feel my IQ is not enough to play it. :) And some entry, I do not know how to get it work, I remebered Gato's game using SDL2, I really want to see it, but I did not get it work. And also some entry,like Gumm, show a very good example how to using logging module, I will carefully check it in the future. I have some sugggestions, for one thing, maybe we should add some tags to all the project, like Python 2, pygame, pyglet, etc, or the game genre, STG, ACT, PUZ, etc. For another, how about we can upload vedios here, to introduce our game, how to play it, how to install it. I know there is youtube, but just for me, I have to use VPN to access youtube.

All in all, game is over, life is still on.