Just a kid playing with python


I might be trapped but at least I've got these cool skates
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Overall: 2.2
Fun: 2.1
Production: 2.2
Innovation: 2.4

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drones_flier 2021/04/04 16:09
This is my PyWeek entry. The goal is to escape the prision you will be placed in. I intend to come back to it on a later date but for now IM FREEE xD. To install the dependencies do "pip3 install -r requirements.txt" To run the game do python3 run_game.py
drones_flier 2021/04/04 16:06

Diary Entries

PyWeek - Trapped

Personally I'm not happy the way my game turned out. Making a game is harder than I thought and it didn't help that I had never used pygame before. Anyway, I hope I don't get last place and I wish the other entrants luck!
- drones_flier

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