Final screenshot of Title screen

Wrobers Grab n' Run

Description of Game: This is an arcade style kind of game where you rack up as much points(in this case MONEY) by running up to people stealing their cash before the game is over(getting caught by police).

Returning to PyWeek Game Jam after a failed attempt a few challenges ago(Specifically the "Tower" event). This run is going to be as overly simplistic in scope as possible, No matter what the Theme is.

Also "Shade of Code" team name is something that I randomly came up with on the spot.

Using the following

Software: Pycharm

Python Module: PyGame

Edit: Removed Tiled. Didn't need it after all.


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.9
Fun: 3.1
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 3

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 9


File Uploader Date
Distributed version of Wrobers Grab n' Run using PyInstaller
Phantasma 2021/04/04 04:45
Source code for Wrobers Grab n' Run
Phantasma 2021/04/04 04:42
Final screenshot of Title screen
Phantasma 2021/04/04 04:17
Gameplay stuff WIP
Phantasma 2021/04/03 08:33
Framework of the main menu screen. Title of game is still undecided.
Phantasma 2021/03/30 18:40

Diary Entries

Pre-Journal Entry

Wondering how often I should do a progress update. Daily? Bi-Daily? Whenever significant progress is made? I think this run I want to spend more time on the project itself than do these Dairy entries, but I also want to keep you folks in the loop. Any suggestions?


Diary update #1: The Foundation.

So Having a part time job and working on this game has already made this run difficult. Because of this I'm forcing myself to undergo a rigorous schedule to pull this off. As a consequence I have to make the scope as simple as possible. And I believe I got something simple going.

No screenshot on this diary entry but Will have something to show on the next one.

Something something tag innocent people to get munies, something something don't get chased by cop, something something, get more peoples monies, get chased by more cops. Its a rough idea that definitely needs polish.

Title screen menu and gameplay basic framework is in progress.

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Diary update #2: Framework Almost done

And now for the obligatory diary update.

I got the menu going. Its going to have the following options to select

Start (to play the game)

Options (mainly to turn sound/music on/off)

Credits(To whom I give credit for)

Exit (To exit the game proper)

Navigating the menu will be using the following keys W S to move the arrow to designated spot, space to initialize selected choice.

Tomorrow I have a day off my day job so the entirety of that day will be spent making art gameplay and sound.

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Diary update #3: Long Overdue Update

IRL been tough between working and "working" however the scope of the gameplay I'm making is so small. I try to get it done in a matter of hours. Need some sleep but I will do my best to crank out the remaining stuff that needs to get done. Until Then I'll be posting a screenshot of the gameplay. 

To give you an Idea of who's who, you control the red guy. The object of the game is to rob as many innocent people of money as possible before the cops get to ya. The amount of money at the end of the game is sort of like a high score.

I went for an arcade style gameplay so I will add lives(?) before this game jam is over. I will also implement simple AI for police to chase after you. One things for certain is the gameplay is going to be fast paced.

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Diary update #4: Packaging and Submitting the Game

I managed to get the whole game done with about 25 mins left before the challenge was finished. Spent the good few hours trying to figure out or remember how I packaged my game with PyInstaller...I hope I packaged this properly.

In any rate I need a mental break after this one. If anything I made sure the scope was as small as possible as I mentioned in the very beginning. This is the result. Good luck to everyone else who participated when the judging commences.


Diary update #5: Post-Jam Summary/Thoughts

This is going to be my final diary entry for this game jam.

I came in to this game jam with the sole purpose of completing a project with the smallest scope possible. Due to working on my day job, it has made it significantly challenging to pull off. At the end, I'm glad its over. And have been able to accomplish what I needed to get done.

Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with Linux and didn't have time to research on how to make my game accessible to Linux Users, for those who run Linux that have an interest in my game. I'm sorry in advance.

As for what to do now that pyweek is over...I got a project I'm still working on Since the last failed game jam attempt(see pyweek #28:Tower aka). The game has evolved into a fully fledged game project That I'm still working on to this day. Progress has been slow but its relatively steady. Might get back into Itch.Io for game submissions. Also going to stop by the Python discord more frequently from now on. I'll be around from time to time If I need to ask about something or just chat.

See you all next pyweek. :)

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