Diary update #5: Post-Jam Summary/Thoughts

This is going to be my final diary entry for this game jam.

I came in to this game jam with the sole purpose of completing a project with the smallest scope possible. Due to working on my day job, it has made it significantly challenging to pull off. At the end, I'm glad its over. And have been able to accomplish what I needed to get done.

Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with Linux and didn't have time to research on how to make my game accessible to Linux Users, for those who run Linux that have an interest in my game. I'm sorry in advance.

As for what to do now that pyweek is over...I got a project I'm still working on Since the last failed game jam attempt(see pyweek #28:Tower aka). The game has evolved into a fully fledged game project That I'm still working on to this day. Progress has been slow but its relatively steady. Might get back into Itch.Io for game submissions. Also going to stop by the Python discord more frequently from now on. I'll be around from time to time If I need to ask about something or just chat.

See you all next pyweek. :)