Pre-Journal Entry

Wondering how often I should do a progress update. Daily? Bi-Daily? Whenever significant progress is made? I think this run I want to spend more time on the project itself than do these Dairy entries, but I also want to keep you folks in the loop. Any suggestions?

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Never mind It has to be "Daily" Diary update. Should've looked for answers myself before asking.

I don't think there's a rule you really have to do diaries at all, really.

However, I'd at least have one post (this one counts) in order for people to comment on your game after the jam if they have questions or comments about it, sort of a point of contact. It'll send you an email when people do comment on it if that happens (which it just has! :D).

If you want to do them, by all means, do them at your own pace. If not, that's OK too. Hope this helped!