PyWeek Game Team Rating
27 Six Moves 3.55
26 Road Rage 3.52
25 Parallel team 27 3.07
24 Rodentopia 2.47

OrionDark7's awards

Full Disclosure Award - Entry Contained Git Repo Presented by assertivist for Six Moves

Professionally Adorable Presented by Noelle for Six Moves

The Screenshot Reminds Me of an IChing Hexagram Award Presented by ntoll for Six Moves

The "Your Tach, Should You Choose To Accept It" Award Presented by larry for Road Rage

Memories of GTA (1997) Presented by capturts for Road Rage

Python 2 FTW Presented by gummbum for Parallel

The Python 2 is dead award Presented by ntoll for Parallel

Beware of DerpCat :D Presented by gummbum for Rodentopia

You have been crowned Mouse King for your splendid service to the mice. Presented by MBM_1607 for Rodentopia