Diary update #4: Packaging and Submitting the Game

I managed to get the whole game done with about 25 mins left before the challenge was finished. Spent the good few hours trying to figure out or remember how I packaged my game with PyInstaller...I hope I packaged this properly.

In any rate I need a mental break after this one. If anything I made sure the scope was as small as possible as I mentioned in the very beginning. This is the result. Good luck to everyone else who participated when the judging commences.

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And Just now I realized I messed up the screenshots. For some reason the screenshots instructions provided by this site cant do month/day/year/hour/min/sec on my end. Submitting screenshots of the same name apparently overwrites the old screenshots so now I'm seeing duplicates of the same screenshot. :(
Hey please tell the instructions to run this game on linux...It's amazing that u have done the whole game working on your own bty :)