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# Station 31

A detective short story about a Cop stumbling into a case just before his shift ends. Will you help him get through and solve it.

It may not be the longest game on here since it's been done in about 3 days only, but you can try to find all the sentences that are hidden in there. After all, there are 80+ in it.

Currently built packages are available for Linux and Windows. It's similarly easy to run from source though. Check below for more information.

# Gameplay
Point and click short story.
Just use your mouse to navigate through the menus and the game itself.

# Screenshots
Title Screen
In game screen
# How to RunBinary
  1. Download and unzip the archive
  2. Run the Station31 executable

# From Source
  1. Navigate into the src directory
  2. Run
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run

# How to Play
=Main menu=
In the main menu, you can start the game by clicking the Station 31 sign.

Open the options to set Volume, Mute audio and toggle fullscreen.

Exit the game by clicking the exit sign on the bottom left

=Game screen=
In the game you'll see 3 frames, the main frame where you see the games world,
a second frame to the right which will hold items you find and a text frame
below the main frame which will provide the story text.

You can click on elements within the main frame to interact with them.
Sometimes you have to use items stored in your inventory, just click them.
To interact with characters, just click on them.
You can quit the game and toggle audio playing with the buttons on the bottom right

# Requirements
Panda3D engine version 1.10


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.4
Production: 4.1
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
Box Art
fireclaw 2021/04/01 13:25
Source code release for final submission. This only contains the source and readme, not the design files as they are available from github.
fireclaw 2021/03/31 16:10
Windows Binary Build
fireclaw 2021/03/31 16:05
Linux Binary Build
fireclaw 2021/03/31 16:04

Diary Entries

Now even with awesome retro box art

I guess that's all for this game that has been missing, except for that tiny audio bug in the packaged versions of the game. Not sure if I get that fixed before pyweek is over, but the source version works as intended.

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