Snake Cop main screen

Snake Cop


In a world where the snakes rule, Mouses with DNA modified, had start a revolution to destroi at all cust this the world of SNAKES.

Can you help to save this world?


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Snake Cop main screen
GamerC08 2021/04/04 22:05
Version 1.0
GamerC08 2021/04/04 21:54

Diary Entries

Version 1.0

Bugs solved. Version 1.0 avaible.

If you play the game please let me know what you think about!

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The world can play now

The game is avaible.

use the 0.9.2 version to play the others will bug on level 5

if want to play at level 5 just edit level5 func at level module



In time?

Por enquanto, terminei a base do jogo. Mas ainda preciso criar mais IAs, só tenho dois, adicionar efeitos sonoros e contar a história, nesse curto tempo que me resta. 

Seja rápido, garoto!

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New hope

Stoday I just had 3 hour of code and the energy of my home gone. Hhhhh hard again.

But I was able to add a new IA and program the resizing of the imgs relatively the screen sizes. And I hope tomorrow make the menu and maybe the story. 

 the title of game... For later. 

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Keeping is hard

Since the start of challenge I being to much busy and I have less time to code.

So for now a all read have a base display and a main character but the art of IA is not what I expect, what to expect if I have no experience on art pixel. 

So I'll start to upgrade my enims IA, then work on level think and then in the game text, hope have time. 

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