Special Cops

The central bank is robbed!!!

As a recruit, you are ordered to arrest the robbers, that are running loose through the city. As the chase proceeds, you have to teleport the thieves to the prisons all the while collecting the loads of money they have stolen. While playing you will come across health potions and ammunition for your teleporting gun.

Tip: Grab some doughnuts 🍩 cause you are gonna need ‘em.

May you become the “Special Cop” you always dreamed of….

So, get ready to hit the 🚨sirens on🚨!!!


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 3
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 2.6

28% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


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Special Cops are here!!
Prathamesh 2021/04/03 10:22
Special Cop Game
Prathamesh 2021/04/03 09:42

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