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Solo entry for making a game this time with python on the web.. (Transcrypt). Am Pretty excited about the whole thing.

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Tar Bomba
Presented by rdb

The "Should have used a TUBA" award for only having BOOP as a sound effect.
Presented by ntoll

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Overall: 3.7
Fun: 4.1
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.6

16% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


File Uploader Date
This might be it
gizmo_thunder 2019/09/28 17:15
Added missing html file
gizmo_thunder 2019/09/28 02:37
Almost Ready
gizmo_thunder 2019/09/28 02:30
updated source with scene features
gizmo_thunder 2019/09/27 17:19
First upload of towerjumpers
gizmo_thunder 2019/09/26 02:20
Game running in Browser
gizmo_thunder 2019/09/26 02:09

Diary Entries

Basic Gameplay UP!

I've decided to use transcrypt this time for my entry so i can deploy the code as HTML5 app. 

Fortunately there are enough rendering libraries out there for HTML5 using webgl. I choose to use pixijs which is an awesome library for rendering on the web. 

Transcrypt allows me to use any such javascript library as python import and use the api. I've been able to get the game up and running with basic gameplay. 

Here is the proof that it works :)

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That's a wrap

I was pretty excited about this pyweek, was eager to try out the transcrypt compiler to run my python game in the browser. 

You can play it online here:

  • Managed to do a lot of play-testing (hope this ensures points on fun)
  • Good animations / Physics 
  • Polished transitions (Camera Follow / Screen Transitions)
  • FX for milestones in game.
  • Basic sound effects

I was unable to find time for character design and animation so had to stick to basic geometry shapes. It kinda works for the setting, but not sure how others would feel about it. I wanted to implement some kind of in-game pickup that didn't happen either, mostly because the map structure i designed is so tuned to building the tower dynamically that i didn't make it extensible to be able to add things later.

Review regarding transcrypt, it was surprisingly stable and was pretty fast. There are still things that bother me though

  • Each python file gets compiled to a js and same set of macros are added to the modules. (increased number of http requests)
  • Kinda hard to keep track of the js_* and py_* naming conflict. (fortunately its' easy to debug/figure out this problem)
  • Will need some js understanding to be able to integrate with existing javascript libs.
  • Will need to live with __new__() macro, not sure if this is standard python but it's here. 

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