Basic Gameplay UP!

I've decided to use transcrypt this time for my entry so i can deploy the code as HTML5 app. 

Fortunately there are enough rendering libraries out there for HTML5 using webgl. I choose to use pixijs which is an awesome library for rendering on the web. 

Transcrypt allows me to use any such javascript library as python import and use the api. I've been able to get the game up and running with basic gameplay. 

Here is the proof that it works :)

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PIXI js fortunately has a whole eco-system of plugins. The plugins im' planning on using are 

pixi-tween: for tweening animations the camera is controlled by the tween

pixi-particles: for particle systems which has an editor as well which is pretty neat. 

pixi-dragonbones: for creating bone animations. I'm sitll not sure if i want to do bone animation or ill' stick with the frame animation. 

Was worried about the whole camera movement because pixijs doesn't have it out of the box, but was able to get it working. 

Things that i will be working on next

  • level set for creating interesting and fun levels. 
  • character animation (hopefully will have multiple characters)
  • some kind of collection mechanic (to unlock new characters)
  • scoring mechanism
  • Menu system for game start / end.