PyWeek Game Team Rating
34 Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse Team Maullar 3.83
28 Roller Knight Darn Yarn Lad 3.72
26 Dynamite Valley The Larry And Dan Show 4.21
24 My Sincerest Apologies... The Larry and Dan show 3.90

larry's awards

Use The Walls to Climb Presented by Jeb for Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse

Precious Diamonds Presented by MrTanoshii for Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse

nice particles Presented by Buffalo974 for Roller Knight

The "Skeletor" award for osteological representation. Presented by ntoll for Roller Knight

Evil Midnight Bomber seal of approval for solving all problems with bombs Presented by Cosmologicon for Dynamite Valley

Bomberman award for blasting brilliance Presented by mit-mit for Dynamite Valley

The petrified forest Presented by gizmo_thunder for Dynamite Valley

The Xzibit Award for bombing bombs with more bombs Presented by wezu for Dynamite Valley

The Indiana Jones Dude Who Looks Like An Adventurer Award Presented by ntoll for Dynamite Valley