Windows Vista & OpenGL.. OUCH

I've heard the rumors about Vista and openGL, but this is pretty unbelievable.. A geforce 8800GTS on a core2 duo with nvidia's latest beta drivers is getting 14 frames per second on our game, while a radeon9800 on an athlon xp 2500 is getting the full 60. I can understand them having to adapt to a new driver model, but that seems a little bit extreme! Has anybody else experienced Vista silliness? *SLEEP NOW!*

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*the radeon/athlon is running XP by the way*
Seems to work when I use an older PyOpenGL.. ha! Ohwell!
i could not make the game run on macosx, any ideas?
  File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 46, in setEngine
    gameEngine= glengine.GlEngine()
  File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 44, in __init__
  File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 15, in __init__
  File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 135, in initLevel1
  File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 179, in __init__
TypeError: __init__() got multiple values for keyword argument 'targetFunc'  
The handy wiki:
Told me to remove **kw from line 179 from
(Python 2.4 vs 2.5 problem maybe?)
I'm thinking it is a 2.4 and 2.5 issue.. We developed on 2.4, and it seems like it might be a bit more lenient about the keyword argument duplication.. Thanks for the bug reports, these will make it into a post judging release :)
Small bug, when an enemy is too close:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 12, in ?
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 81, in main
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 101, in doFrame
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 42, in thinkAll
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 55, in think
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 100, in singleVolley
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 67, in targDirPlayer
    playerDir = sign(circv(self.position,[0])
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 56, in circv
    return dirv(a,b)
  File "/home/alecu/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Blancmange/KidBandyhootsCrazyAdventures-v1.0/lib/", line 70, in dirv
ZeroDivisionError: float division

If you wouldn't run through the enemies right as they are targeting you, then it wouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the bug report. If player position is the same as the enemy's position at the exact time that the enemy decides to shoot then it will most definitely divide by zero and that's mathematical challenge. It's fixed in our dev stream as of a couple of minutes ago though.

Thinking of our dev stream, it has actually been worked on a little post-comp. Hoping to maybe even build a second level and maybe some more enemy types. I'd like to get some powerups too. Fun stuff. I've even made a couple sprites and they don't look aweful.