PyWeek Game Team Rating
10 the most biggest gamest in the worldst the most biggest gamest in the worldst DNF
8 dont know aiamsori 3.11
6 pyar strikes back pyar strikes back DNF
6 Robo-T2 pywii again 3.47
5 Grossini's Vacations: "Ritmus Locus" Grossini's Vacations: "Ritmus Locus" 3.58
4 Pywiii: PyAr presents: "Grossini's Hell" Pywiii: PyAr presents: "Grossini's Hell" 3.68
3 PyAr2:Typus Pocus PyAr2:Typus Pocus 3.86
2 3.16

alecu's awards

Froze my computer Presented by shundread for dont know

Awesome game intro from the past Presented by Woodwolf for dont know

Press the left mouse button to fire the ducks! Presented by cyhawk for dont know

Can hear the lambdas talking Presented by T-002 for dont know