Title screen

Dashman DX

Dash and jump your way to the top.

A dash-em up featuring hardcore walljumping and breath-taking music by super multifaros (http://multifaros.info.se)


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.6
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.4

Respondents: 54


File Size Uploader Date
DashmanDX py2exe build
4.1 MB buffi 2007/04/07 21:19
Final Game (16 levels)
1.9 MB buffi 2007/04/07 20:21
Title screen
330.0 KB buffi 2007/04/07 13:09
Gameplay pretty much done
352.7 KB buffi 2007/04/06 21:37
New demo. Now with lvl editor, custom levels and 9 normal levels
528.4 KB buffi 2007/04/06 21:36
New demo. Now with a bunch of cool stuff
215.4 KB buffi 2007/04/06 00:27
Finally possible to finish levels
394.4 KB buffi 2007/04/05 17:07
New and improved demo!
108.7 KB buffi 2007/04/04 22:30
Test level
350.8 KB buffi 2007/04/04 22:28
Dashman DX engine test
65.2 KB buffi 2007/04/03 19:09
371.7 KB buffi 2007/04/02 20:18
Basic engine to play around with
343.3 KB buffi 2007/04/01 20:57

Diary Entries

Dashman DX has gone final!

Finally! Dashman DX has gone final. Feauturing 16 levels of pleasure, nice music by super multifaros and a level editor that you can generate custom levels in (that you of course can play later.

py2exe windows release
Regular release (requires pygame)

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New demo again. Now 9 levels

New demo!

And yeah, the first jump at level 3 is a bit tricky... might fix that


Major progress all over the place

Today I have
  • Gotten fonts working
  • Fixed the horrible structure of my code
  • Tweaked the physics so that it works nicer
  • Made a main menu (that works!)
  • Made pretty much the entire engine for playing levels after eachother and so on... works nicely
  • Found a (good) musician for the project!
  • Made it possible to finish levels
And probably more...

Still left to do is

  • Finish the level editor
  • Actually make the levels for the game :)
  • Get some more graphics for backgrounds and so on
  • Fix the running of custom maps from the level editor
  • High score table (if there is enough time)
  • Uploading/downloading of custom levels to the interweb (if there is enough time)

It looks promising though. This game will be very nice :)


New demo. Now with animations!

New demo!
Controls are still the same as the last demo.

* Left/Right arrow = move left/right
* Up arrow = Jump
* Spacebar = Dash

When walking, use dash to get a speedboost in that direction.

When jumping against a wall you can press Spacebar to walljump in the other direction

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Yay! Walkcycle stick-man-thingie pic!

Took me too long...
I really shouldn't do graphics


A Demo/Engine test! Try it out and tell me what you think

Been making solid progress so here is a demo of what I've got so far.

Dashman DX demo / engine test (requires pygame)


  • Left/Right arrow = move left/right
  • Up arrow = Jump
  • Spacebar = Dash

When walking, use dash to get a speedboost in that direction.

When jumping against a wall you can press Spacebar to walljump in the other direction
Important: Some people seem to have problems walljumping. You do not need to press any arrow key when wall jumping from a wall. Just jump up against the wall and press space. If this sends you against another wall you can simply press space again to wall jump again and so on.

Level editor
This is also a level editor! :)

It is however really lame so far but the controls are (can be used while playing).

  • Right click a wall/floor to remove it
  • Use the number 1-4 on the keyboard to shift between input modes. The modes are

The modes are

  1. Start position
  2. End position
  3. Platform / Wall
  4. Trampoline

When placing 1 and 2, simply press where to put it. When placing 3 or 4, press two positions aligned horizontally or vertically to draw it between them.

Give me comments! :)


Day 2 - Level editor :)

There we go... got a working level editor and am quite pleased with it. Gonna tweak the physics quite a bit and then move on to doing something about the horrible horrible graphics.

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Moving along nicely

Gotten some basic physics done. Looks like it will be a xjump kind of game, but less sucky with a heavy influence of different kinds of dashing. I've got a basic engine working ok, but need to incorporate a bunch of stuff.

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