A Demo/Engine test! Try it out and tell me what you think

Been making solid progress so here is a demo of what I've got so far.

Dashman DX demo / engine test (requires pygame)


When walking, use dash to get a speedboost in that direction.

When jumping against a wall you can press Spacebar to walljump in the other direction
Important: Some people seem to have problems walljumping. You do not need to press any arrow key when wall jumping from a wall. Just jump up against the wall and press space. If this sends you against another wall you can simply press space again to wall jump again and so on.

Level editor
This is also a level editor! :)

It is however really lame so far but the controls are (can be used while playing).

The modes are

  1. Start position
  2. End position
  3. Platform / Wall
  4. Trampoline

When placing 1 and 2, simply press where to put it. When placing 3 or 4, press two positions aligned horizontally or vertically to draw it between them.

Give me comments! :)

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Yay, I got through the hole at the top. :) It doesn't look like you can reach it, but if you use the center shaft to jump really fast you can get there.

I like it, it's fun. A wall-jumping guy was my first idea before the theme was announced, because I know it's fun, but I threw it away because I figured someone else would do it and I had a different idea. The difference is that my original idea had you wall-jumping around buildings and urban stuff. Maybe if I had followed it through I would've had something.
Yeah, it's possible to get to the top if you use the acceleration in the middle :) I'm not completely happy with the physics actually. I find it a bit too easy to gain vertical speed, so I might add some extra variables such as an extra resistance when gaining more speed or something. And I would be very surprised if noone else does a wall-jumpy game... So mine just has to be better than theirs ;)