Menu.. almost there! :D


You are a special forces operative in a rival foreign country. Your country's spy satellite was unexpectedly shot down, and has crashed and is burning on a mountain. The satellite's hard drive contains very sensitive information and needs to be retreived. The country is aware of this situation and have been unable to send a helicopter to the crash site because of heavy snowfall. The only way up is to scale a vertical glacier. They have sent a few men who lack climbing supplies and may shoot at you from the ground. Once at the top, the USS Poly will send a few helicopters and support aircraft to extract you when the weather clears out. Good Luck. Oh yeah, and the burning satellite and the vibrations of the impact is causing a few boulders to melt and fall, they shouldn't pose too much of a problem....


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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.4

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PyClimb - 'The Only Way is Up'
wegstar 2007/04/08 01:54
Menu.. almost there! :D
wegstar 2007/04/07 21:15
Background for menu
wegstar 2007/04/07 15:54
Deadly boulders and a machine gun...
wegstar 2007/04/05 00:31
Bullets and deadly snow (for testing purposes)!
wegstar 2007/04/03 06:04
SNOW! (with relativistic effects too!)
wegstar 2007/04/03 01:28
Another screenie, as you see there is little change, but I spent most of my time working on the sounds, which are pretty good ;)
wegstar 2007/04/02 04:44
Very early screenshot...
wegstar 2007/04/01 23:29
wegstar 2007/04/01 21:19

Diary Entries


I'm a horrible artist, but I'll have to start the preliminary art in this game first...

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I have found all the sounds I need for the game from

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Screw the Menu!

I've spent too much time on the menu, now I have abandoned efforts on the meny and started on the game...

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End of Pyweek Day 2

Well.. it's the end of day one...

Things I got done today:
  • got some neat sounds set up
  • health bar
  • player pictures (took most of the day)
  • map
  • movement
  • gun sound effects system
  • dealt with skipped mouse events (sort of)
Things to do tomorrow:
  • AI and enemies
  • Item drop
  • fix skipped mouse event bug
  • snow!

Also, I realize that I'm about a 1/3 done with the game.. with about 5 days left.. I don't know if that's a good thing or not; it could be that I had chosen a very simple idea, but it gives me extra time to polish the horrible graphics :).

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Wasting time...

grr.. I've been wasting time doing other things.
I've just rewritten the gun sound system.. that's only for the handgun.
I'll have to do it for the AK-47.
I guess I'll add some snow and post a screenshot.

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Posted yesterday...
>>Things to do tomorrow:
  • AI and enemies
  • Item drop
  • fix skipped mouse event bug
  • snow!

Looks like I got a lot accomplished today...

I'll do the enemy units and their AI tomorrow, along with items, and better pics :D

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No Slashdot!

Just a random thought while I was programming: Hopefully will not be slashdotted any time soon, or else this competition would be ruined due to the Slashdot Effect- pyweek would most likely be knocked offline by all those visits for about a day; if pyweek is slashdotted on the last day, no one would be able to upload their submissions :-(

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FPS problems!

About two days ago, I had these two goals.. I don't think I could meet them now...
# AI and enemies
# Item drop
The reason is this: when I added in the Item Drop feature, I realized that the game's fps rate fell below 10fps. The result was a choppy mess. Currently I'm using a simple loop - handle input, do logic calculations, draw, and cleanup. Apparently the logic portion is taking up too much time. If anyone has suggestions for optimizations or a better method altogether, please comment...


Out of Time!

Well, I discovered that a major part of the problem was due to looping through the # of bullets and blitting them every loop. This resulted in a drop of 7fps. I'll go fix it by having it draw when truly necessary, and hopefully it will up the fps to 33fps.

With this in mind, I don't think I can finish adding enemies or items. I guess I'll have to cut my losses and stick with what I have... climbing a glacier and shooting at icy boulders falling down ;-).

My development is being interrupted by life and I won't have enough time to add extra features in during the next two days. I'll just make a very cool menu with a fancy ui, tweak the graphics, and do other small optimizations. The game is highly configurable at this point, and I think this will contribute to its fun factor :-)

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The Final Countdown!

Well, I've got only a few hours left to work on the game. And I've decided to make an impressive looking menu and opening screen, which will hopefully give a good first impression...

The is one of the backgrounds for the menu: Background for Menu

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YAY! Done!

Now I can get on with life... :P

Well, I've learned a lot.

  • Do not become distracted
  • Do not add features at the last minute
  • organize priorities!
  • Don't do artwork for a feature you will not end up doing...
  • always have a backup idea, something the game can be easily molded into, in the case time runs out...
  • Don't let life get in the way of pyweek development! :P
  • learned more about linux and python, via working with the hacked up python and pygame...
  • and much more...

Tools of the trade: (I was forced to use these tools)
  • mtPaint
  • Xpaint
  • nedit
  • Geany
  • custom python2.4 minimal distribution
  • hacked up 1.7.1 pygame

  • Well that's all I have to say tonight. Time to get onto other things ;)

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