I don't know what I'm doing.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
24 Family 3.12
21 Fat Math Three 3.29
20 Navigating The Data 2.97
14 The Method DNF
13 DNA Challengers DNF
11 The Catcher in the Strife 2.91
10 I am the unstable 2.85
8 IP Saints 2.78
5 Dew Tits DNF
4 The Incredible Car Stunt 2.64

shundread's awards

Your primary school teacher approves the game Presented by circusblatta for Fat Math Three

Story time with shundread Presented by Cosmologicon for The Catcher in the Strife

Championing the forces of righteousness Presented by Cosmologicon for IP Saints

"'Where's the award?' award" award Presented by JDruid for IP Saints

"No awards yet Award Presented by pymike for IP Saints