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DNA Challengers

You live in a world where everyone is obsessed with DNA replication and will battle each other to perform the best DNA encoding. Will you beat other DNA encoders and rise to the top, or will your dreams be crushed under the skill of your rivals? ---- A competitive card/puzzle game inspired on the DNA duplication process. =)


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Pre-pyweek abandon screenshot.
shundread 2011/09/17 02:49

Diary Entries

DNA Challengers!

Since I'm on the process of encoding a timelapse video of my current programming, I thought I might as well write the initial diary entry and pitch my idea.

My game is going to be inspired from the DNA duplication process. The basics is that you have 4 blocks ATCG (actually, the players have (AUCG)), which may be connected as A-T, A-U, C-G. Each player has a hand of cards and a hand of nucleobases, and they share a target sequence to be matched with those blocks.

Your goal is to get the higher score in a battle, getting +1 points for every nucleobase that you play that matches the sequence, and losing 2 points for every nucleobase that you play that doesn't. The sequence is encoded from left to right, always, and you may play from one to as many nucleobases as you hold, but they must be played in the sequence that you hold them, rearranging is not naturally possible.

In addition to the nucleobases, you have your cards, which allow you to draw more nucleobases to your hand, possibly pushing out of your hand excessive nucleobases, steal nucleobases from the opponent, switch your current nucleobases with new ones (or the opponents nucleobases), clear your whole hand (might be useful if you're trying to get them special cards), play more than one nucleobase sequence in your turn (if you want to play a large number of nucleobases, but want to skip some in the middle, that may be a good one), or play more cards. Maybe some other cards to come.

As soon as this bit is solidified and tested, I'll finally start my UI programming (I've been testing the stuff on command line so far).

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Pyweek #13 development timelapse and commentary

Had my second development day yesterday. Still a long way to go, but I should have actual gameplay today. gogogo

Meanwhile, I'll be putting my development timelapse and commentary videos here:

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Dropping out

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my act together for this Pyweek, so I decided to abandon the race and sleep for what's left of the race. There's no way I can work on this project to my satisfaction in the time that is left.


I'll be making some postmortem video of the project within a few days, and consider it for a Pyggy Awards project.