Last screenshot.

I am the unstable

A man uses the powers of unstability to do something. I'll figure that out soon enough.


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.7
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 2.7

Respondents: 24


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Last screenshot.
shundread 2010/04/02 10:40
Final submission. Couldn't make an introduction, nor an ending, nor more puzzles. :(
shundread 2010/04/02 10:38
Testing the navigation system
shundread 2010/03/29 17:21
Navigation system - Semi OK
shundread 2010/03/29 17:19
This is the first screenshot of the game. Testing movement in an empty room.
shundread 2010/03/28 17:29
Doctor's Sprite in progress
shundread 2010/03/28 13:54
Sketch of our hero
shundread 2010/03/28 12:44

Diary Entries

I am the unstable - Idea

So, this scientist will goes through some magitechnological mishap that destabilizes molecules in space-time. Now he's on a race against time to save himself from utter disintegration.

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First screenshot is up

Poor doctor, he just can't seem to stay in focus. OH SNAP!'

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Art, art, art. Navigation system

Yesterday's big point of focus was art. I was generating layer over layer of images onto GIMP so I'd have an easier time editing the images later. Right now I have a nice template for the rooms upon which you'll be navigating in the game.

I've decided that the game will be a puzzle game. I'm thinking Hanoi Towers, Go Problems, and whatever else I can think of. Let's see how this turns out.

Also, here's a screenshot of me testing the navigation system. I could spend half an hour or an hour making it so that colision testing with the walls is more realistic, but honestly, it does not matter so much in this game. What I need is puzzles! And a map loader.

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Sorry, had to drop out early

Made my last submission. The game is horribly incomplete and maybe only marginally fun. But it's done. I'm late and I need to run now. Hoping to see this contests' entries!