The Method

During a bad phase of his life, a scientist starts experiencing strange phenomena and must rely on the scientific method to remain sane.


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Template for my characters. Feel free to use!
shundread 2012/05/10 01:22
Development snapshot 03
shundread 2012/05/09 02:25
Development snapshot 02
shundread 2012/05/09 02:24
Development snapshot 01
shundread 2012/05/09 02:24

Diary Entries

First update

It's been a long day and I'm taking a break. After an hour or two, I'll resume work. Here's the status on my code:

Graphics: As done as they need to be at the moment.
Level: Partly done.
Entities and actors: Prototyped.
Brains: just mentioned,
Engine: just mentioned.
Timers: Done.
Events: not even mentioned yet.

Not much about the game style yet, but it is likely to use RPG Maker sprites and tilesets to spare me the trouble of doing graphics. =|

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Second update.

After some more hours of programming, a lot of new functionalities have been added to the game's base, namely on the Entity, Actors, Brain and Input handling.

Some notes on potential sources of wasted time:
  • Brain class: I wonder if I'll ever actually use the Brain class for anything other than the main character, but it feels safe to have it around. It's the kind of thing I've grown accostumed to having and it gives me the opportunity to easily change mob behavior or create mobs that mimic the player-controlled character (just give them the same brain, for example).
  • Input class: I might never support anything other than Keyboard in the game, but having this between the actual input handling and the rest of the game should make it easy to support different keyboard schemas and perhaps even joysticks.
  • Level class: I added some code to handle multiple layers in the level maps. I plan at some point to use the multiple layers to implement certain scenario changes, as well as enabling and disabling passages. But it might turn out that I don't have such features at all.
  • I've been bouncing back and forth regarding where certain functions/constants should be located. Ideally, if constants are used in only one file, they belong there, as well as utility functions. It sort of becomes difficult to determine in advance whether those things are going to get used in only one place when you just sit and start programming rather than plan ahead.

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Yay bugs


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End of second day

My motivation today got swiftly beaten down by bugs which are possibly simple to fix, but whose correction eluded me long enough to wear me down.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I'm hoping to get the basic game engine done quickly enough that I can focus on content creation. My idea is going to need some content.

I have overshot again, haven't I? =(

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Collision detection woes over?

Once again, collision detection is my bane. I seem, however, to have solved my issues with it this time, with enough hours to spare to continue working on the game.

I guess this is a lesson for me to never underestimate the power of displaying debug information on the screen.

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Sharing 2D top-down sprites

Hi fellow game developers! Following advice from bitcraft not to use RPG Maker sprites, I decided to work for an hour in a RPG-Maker-style template sprite on GIMP. I'm sharing the template with anyone who feels like using it.

I'll post updates as I progress with the work later, when it is relevant for me to do further work on them.

Keep in mind that I'm working on those at a larger scale that I'm actually going to be using (the image will be shrunk to a 92x128 png for the game). It is easier for me to make scaled-up drawings of stuff to which details that I'm not good at making can be shrunk down and look like I put actual effort in making those. ;)

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The return of the DNF

It seems I'm making yet another DNF.

I spent too much time drawing and battling lousy bugs. There's no gameplay beyond a cutscene, and not even the cutscene is anything like I would like to have authored.

Argh. D=

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Retiring from Pyweek (possibly for good)

Pyweek is usually an event that I've always looked forward to and always tried to participate, but I realized that as long as I have a full-time job, working on a Pyweek game is becoming unrealistic. I spend my work days already either programming and studying, and by the time I get home I'm slower and less focused.

My body was kind enough to cooperate as much as possible through the whole event. It did not make me fall asleep on top of the keyboard, nor did it give me pains during the event. But the following morning after my last hours of programming, it decided it was time to make me notice all the neglect it suffered, and man, do I feel shitty.

It's nothing that a few days of taking it easy cannot solve, but it made me realize that Pyweeks are events that I should only take part in if I'm unemployed and not studying. I'll move on to shorter events, like Ludum Dare, and hopefully I'll have an easier time managing a free weekend than a busy week.

Thanks everyone for their participation, I won't be judging entries (it feels wrong since I have no valid entry myself), but I might try some out and give some feedback. And thanks a lot for Richard for organizing the event.